Friday, 15 August 2008

26 Weeks

So here I am, at 26 weeks (well actually, this photo was taken yesterday so 25 weeks, 6 days!!), I feel (& look) huge & baby still has loads to grow!! I dont think there is much room left. I'm in a lot of pain with my pelvis & have had to resort to using crutches (& occasionally a wheelchair) to get around.
At our 20 week scan, the sonographer was pretty sure we are having another GIRL!!!! but as baby wouldnt cooperate, she couldnt be 100% positive. But she has 22 years experience, so Im thinking she could know what she is talking about!! LOL!!
Due to health issues, we are having another scan at 32 weeks, so maybe we can find out for sure, then if I make it to 36 weeks (history of prem babies), I'll be theres a strong possibility of only 10 weeks to go!!!! SCARY!!! & I havent bought a thing (apart from a steriliser!!)
Please excuse the state of my hair!! Seriously need it cut, look how long it is!! Cant reach the back to straighten it anymore, LOL!!


micayla said...

Sweetie, you look so cute!
I am so sorry about the pelvis pain girl, I guess it will be all worth it in the end.
Make sure you take it easy and get to that 36 week mark. 10 weeks is not long, but you have plenty of time to get sorted. Just get people to help out.

Olive said...

You look positively gorgeous!Great photo.xx

Gail said...

You look great Lisa and you hair has got so long. Start making a list of things you are gonna need for baby NOW!!

Jen M said...

You look so cute! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and is as comfortable as possible.

Thanks for joining in on my blog, I've answered your question over there today.