Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bag Making Goodness.......Part One

Okay, I actually made this bag back in March 08, but never got around to posting pictures, not sure why?? Its based on the Sanibel bag by Amy Butler, but the final shape (above) is different. I didnt have a pattern or tute to make this, I am proud to say that I figured out a way to make it by just looking at pictures, especially as I am completely self taught (thanks Internet!!) when it comes to sewing!! Its made from a pair of curtains I found on sale, with a grey silky fabric for the lining. It has 3 pockets on each main side, these are separated by the handles, & a pocket on each edge.
I added snaps to each side so that they could be closed if I wasnt carrying around too much stuff, which gave the bag the triangularish (dont think thats a real word!!) shape. Also added two pockets to the interior.
See the pile below? A blanket, nappies, wipes, Minnie toy, brolly, kids book, magazine, notebook & pen, keys, make up bag, hand cream, nail file, purse & phone.........the usual you may find in a Mum's bag. (Im my Mothers Daughter, can never travel light!!)
It all fits in!!........with some space left!! Perfect for carrying around a Mums essentials. I actually used this as a overnight bag when the girls & I stayed at my sisters house. I dont have the measurements to hand, but you can get a feel for the size by the amount in it!!

It kinda reminds me of the Mary Poppins carpet bag, you know? The one that fits EVERYTHING in!! Now if I could figure out a way to make a bag that could hold a standard lamp, I'd be a millionaire!!


Micayla said...

Oh wow Miss talented, that bag is gorgeous! I soooo wish I could sew!!
Hope you are doing okay and that baby is nice and cosy, not long to go now is there. Have you got everything sorted?

Olive said...

Ooh Lisa, that is a fantastic bag!How are you doing?