Thursday, 13 August 2009

So, I got THIS book, & after drooling over the pages, I decided to attempt vanilla cupcakes with frosting. I used blue colouring for them but my icing didnt quite go to plan, see above!!! I took a picture of them next to the photo in the book so you can see what they are 'meant' to look like!! Even if they didnt go to plan, they were delish!!

My 2nd attempt turned out better, delish again & the frosting held better, however I think the trick is using a mixer rather than doing it by hand, so I guess Im gonna have to dig the mixer out for the next ones!!

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Micayla said...

Hey you,
Why dont you try Picnic for editing photo's it is really easy to use and it has loads of features.
Those cupcakes look yummy, I have a batch to do for Emily's Christening next sunday so wish me luck!!
The bag is made by Oilily who so I have just heard have gone bankrupt(sob) I was brought it from Amsterdam where they are based. I have another one in purples which is delish! I am just hoping for another before they close the shops in Amsterdam! Steve's parents are going there in Sept, so fingers crossed fro Crimbo!!