Thursday, 6 May 2010

Making the House a Home.

As I've previously mentioned, we live in a rented house. I often spend hours daydreaming about the day we own our 'Own Home' & how I'll decorate it. I see things I like in shops, & think "one day I'll buy that for 'Our House'."

Then it hit me. Why wait? Ok, I cant decorate this place exactly how I want it, nor can I rip the kitchen out so I can have my ideal country style shabby chic kitchen. But I can introduce little bits of happiness, introduce more of our personalities into our home. So that is my new project. Its still a major WIP, but I'll hopefully have some things to share soon.

But in the meantime:

Because flowers make everything look better. :-)



Monica said...

absolutely right!!

I love flowers too.

Micayla said...

I totally agree, having the same kind of feelings of late. Not sure if we are moving to Marseille now, infact almost sure we are not. Sick of renting as we cannot do what we want with it, cannot afford to buy and want to make the house a home. So like you I am adding more little pieces of happiness and do plan a little makeover myself. The garden is the first to have some love....grass, fence and lots of pretty flowers and yummy veggies, yay!
Will share what I have been up too soon. Try to get some photos edited from Marseille, although I barely took any!!!
Speak soon xxx