Sunday, 6 June 2010

I think I've cracked it!!!!

A few months ago, I mentioned that I was starting to learn how to crochet. Not as easy as I'd hoped it would be. But I kept trying.................& failing. Therefore all wool & crochet hooks were packed away & I cracked on with other crafty things.

Then, after once again reading Lucy's blog& really wishing I could figure it out, I decided to bite the bullet & give it another go (which is surprising, as usually Im a big baby when things do not go to plan, i.e dramatic declarations of "I just CANNOT do it!!" Theres normally a swear word in there too! & occasionally things may get thrown, but only when the kids are not around as I tell them off for throwing their toys!!) Once I saw this tute, I dug out said wool & hooks, put children to bed, turned tv off so there were no distractions & away I went!!

This was my 1st attempt:

Not too bad if I say so myself!!

Ok, so the stitches are unbeliveably messy & the wool I used was not great quality, but Im pleased with it as a 1st attempt. Since then I have also made a grannysquare, with 3 different colours (ok, that may not seem like a huge deal to you, but to me, it is!!) Well, its a messy grannysquare with 3 different colours.

I can only get better with practice eh??


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Micayla said...

OH YAY FOR YOU!!! I am so happy you cracked it, I wish I could. I have given up and that is that. I cannot wait to see what you come up with. Did you get some scrapping done, I guess not with this new hobby going on.
Oh and yes, Emily's hair is getting long, it is nuts! Totally wild and she will not keep it up, pulls out bobbles and hair clips and says 'oh no hair clip' We are trying to grow the sides so she can have a bob done, but they are taking an age. But I think we have cracked it by putting the clip at the top of her head instead of at the sides.