Saturday, 11 September 2010

Granny Squares

I've been Granny Squareing (not sure if thats a word?) The square above is for an blanket destined for Miss Lilly-Rose, to match her quilt that I made. The wool is Fairytale by Paton, it's colours are lush & it's so soft, but its an absolute pain to work with for some reason?

The following square is for a blanket for Me!!

The colours remind me of Neopolitan ice cream, Yum!!

The centres of my Granny Squares are not perfect by any means, I'm not sure where Im going wrong? But I've found a few no tutes that I'm going to give a go over the weekend, & we'll see how it works out.

The weather in the UK is really unsettled at the moment. In the past week, we have gone from torrential downpours, with flash flooding warnings, to bright sunshine. Today is miserably grey, with rain forcast for ALL day  :-(  The kids have been back at school for a week, & so far all is good (apart from Weds when I received a call from Megans school to say she was sick, although there was a miraculous recovery when she got home!!)

Today we are due to be going to a charity rugby match, although with the weather thats forcast, I really dont want to go.

Have a good weekend.


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