Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Wanting a Simple Life

My life is very chaotic, there is no real reason for my life to be chaotic, it just is. & to be honest, it's driving me mad!! Nothing ever seems to be straightforward, even trying to get the girls ready for school is a battle. Nothing is ever where it should be, & there is just too much 'stuff' that doesnt belong anywhere.

It causes me a great deal of stress.

Then I read this post by Karen Russell (who is an amazing photographer & scrapbooker!), & this post, as simple as it is, really hit home with me.

I want a Simple Life.

I need a Simple Life.

How do I get a Simple Life!?!?!?!?

I need to be able to stay on top of everything, running 5 peoples lives is an amazingly difficult challenge, especially when 1 of those lives consists of struggles that I dont always understand, & many hospital/pyhsio/special ed appointments. My house seems to be constantly messy & there are far too many 'To Do' things.

I need to find a way to simplify my life so that things run far smoother than they do now. I need to 'declutter' my entire house, especially as it's looking like we will be moving next year, probably to a much smaller house, & I really dont want to take all the crap with me!

I need to be honest with myself. Yes I need to lose that final 8lbs to get back to my prebaby weight. But it feels like too much pressure to take on now (I struggle badly with dieting) So, I will bin all the clothes that no longer fit, as they are taking up unecessary room & instead of concentrating on losing weight, Im going to concentrate on taking better care of myself, keeping healthy & getting fitter. & then, IF I lose the weight, I can reward myself with a new wardrobe!!

I'm planning on tackling all cupboards & wardrobes, & getting rid of anything unecessary. If it doesnt have a home to live, then it needs to go. I have far too much art & craft 'stuff', which desperately needs purging. If Im not going to use it, then its no point keeping it. My kids have far too many toys & books, & yet they still complain they are bored!! I need to purge their toys etc, some I'll donate to charity shops & the rest will go to car boot. With the money I make from selling their toys at car boot, I'm planning on putting it towards a nice family activity or christmas. I just have to be strict with myself, they love all their toys, so its going to be a tough one to do.

It seems like so much to do, & Im feeling overwhelmed already. But I just have to keep reminding myself of how good it feels when the house is in order, & how good it will feel when the house permanently is in order!!

I will take before & after photos to blog, just to show myself what I've acheived. Now Im going to spend the next hour or so researching organisational blogs looking for ideas. There are some amazing sites at there, & ideas that I would never have thought of myself.

Wish me luck please!!!



Araminta said...

Best of luck. I spent the weekend in the loft, took 2 cars full of rubbish to the tip and I still need to purge some more! sadly though Ive left it till we ARE moving it will be tiresome but so worth it if you are moving next year!

Micayla said...

This post could of been writen by me Lisa. I totally understand how you feel, yet am no where close as you have 5 lives to deal with and I just have 3. My house is constantly messy and things are never where they should be. But I have learnt to deal with it, kind of embrace the mess. I do keep a to do list weekely to help me keep on top of things, not that it always helps.
I am looking forward to seeing the before and after photos and if you come across any good sites, please share them.
Now when are those layouts being shown.....I am dying to see what you have been up too.
Have a lovely organised weekend.