Thursday, 6 December 2007


Me & My Gang.

This is Me, with my eldest Daughter Megan. She is a Mini Me (apparently!) She loves anything crafty & loves sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by paper, crayons, scissors & stickers esp. glittery ones!!

Then we have Daughter No.2, Keely. Looks so sweet & innocent, doesnt she?? Ha ha!! Looks are deceiving! She is obsessed with Charlie & Lola, & causing chaos!!

This is Me & Hubby (aaaahhh!! Arent we cute?) How he puts up with me, I have no idea!! He is also very creative & always comes up with answers & solutions to all my questions, Love ya babes!!

There is also a cat, dog & puppy here, but no photos of them today!

So, the plan for this blog is to show all the creative things I get up to, the things that keep me sane. Maybe there will even be some tutorials, for the rare occasion that one of my crazy ideas actually work!!

Will be back soon with something creative to show!


1 comment:

micayla said...

These pic's are gorgeous, I love the top one!
Have a merry little christmas yourself missus, I will be back soon.