Sunday, 25 May 2008

The BIG Announcement..............

.........Can you guess???????

Yep, I'm pregnant, with my 3rd child (I'm gonna be a mother of 3!! )

I'm now just passed the 14 week mark, & I've been suffering with morning sickness for 8 of those weeks, & I dont mean just being sick in the morning, I mean, being sick from the minute I lift my head off the pillow in the morning till I fal asleep at night. Luckily I've managed to not end up in hospital but it's been a close call!! Hopefully as Im now in my 2nd trimester so the sickness should be ending soon (PLEASE!!)

Due to the amount of sickness I've had, the Dr did warn me of the possibility of a multiple pregnancy (!!!!!) but luckily, we could only see one at the scan, a very happy, healthy little one (who poked his/her tongue out at one point!)

Definately only one!! Dont think there is anymore hiding behind!!

So, Im now 14 weeks, & have a very developed bump!! What a rubbish picture, any ideas on how to take better pics??



Olive said...

Again congrats!Your bump and "preview" look so cute!

scrappyfairy said...


where do you live hun? email me if you can... and ill send you some hints and tips for preggo belly shots...

micayla said...

OMG OMG OMG..............we can be blogger preggo friends! OH I am sooooooooo excited, I have nearly peed myself, but hey I am nearly 28weeks now and the pressure on my bladder is bad.........good excuse!
Yay I am soooo happy for you, congrats!
As for tips on the pics, nothing from me I still have not got one of mine and I look like a house, so it is not hard to capture!

kathj said...