Sunday, 15 June 2008

Catching Up.........

.......Well, it's been a manic couple of weeks, as we've just moved house. Moving house with morning sickness is not the best idea!! We are now quite settled, in our new home, with a lovely safe garden, which gets the sun all day, & it's so quiet!!

Thank you for all the lovely comments re the baby. xx

I'm now 17 weeks pregnant, the sickness is slowing down, but I have been advised to take some time off work, due to the fact that I'm pretty much exhausted due to not giving myself time to get over the really bad sickness I had at the beginning, moving house, working etc. It's a pain as I've still got loads to do around the house, but I guess the midwife knows best!

Hoping to have some creative time today, thats if I can locate my stash!!

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, Hubby & everyone else.



micayla said...

Take it easy sweetie, you cannot go getting yourself all tired and worn out. I am the same at the moment, but have just booked off a day a week till I go on mat leave, just to give me a break as I am working up till im 37 weeks!!
I feel soory for you with the sickness, I suffered from about week 9-15, so not too bad really!
When is the next scan and are you finding out the sex?
Take care and I hope you get to create something this week.

Ariana said...

Yikes, I hope your morning sickness goes away now that you're in the second trimester. I can't imagine moving during that phase... it was too much just getting out of bed!