Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Yummy Cake!!!

So, it was Hubby's 29th birthday last week, & he was extremely lucky to have 2 cakes made for him!! One was made & decorated by the girls, & he had that one the day of his 'birthday bbq', unfortunately I dont have a photo of that one but it was really cute & very yummy!!
As he had to work on his actual birthday, we threw him a little birthday dinner that evening & I made him another cake, just a basic sponge with whipped cream & fresh strawberries (my god, does it take ages to whip cream by hand) but the end result was yummy!!! So yummy!!! It doesnt look the most perfect of cakes, definately looks homemade, but it was a huge hit, the girls & I ate 2 pieces each & Hubby ate the rest!! Definately making this again!!
As you can see, evidence of everyone (well Hubby & Keely) enjoying the cake, you should have seen the state of the girls afterwards!!
It was nice to be baking again, I hadnt felt well enough to bake for ages, but the occasion gave me a kick up the bum to get started again!!

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