Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A Gift For My Beautiful, Amazing, Clever Girl!!

Yesterday, Megan brought her school report home & it was amazing!! Not that I needed to be told that as I already knew how clever & talented she is. But she has worked really hard this year & has come so far & we are so proud of her. She is such a sweet, sensitive, creative, funny little girl & whilst I dont want her to grow up (she's 6 next month!! How did that happen??) I am looking forward to watching her grow into a beautiful, amazing young lady.
So, as a well done, I made her this felt hair clip last night. Its just a basic felt leave & flower (well circles meant to be a flower!), Im thinking I should have glued it together rather than just sew it, but we'll see how it survives today at school. She looked so smart this morning, but trust me, she wont look that tidy this afternoon LOL!! I'm thinking there maybe many more of these hairclips to come but rather than using the cheap felt from Hobbycraft, Im going to track down some wool felt, the soft pretty type of felt & some cute buttons for the next lot.

Still, it wasnt a bad effort & bought a huge smile to her face which was the whole point!!
Love You Miss Megan. xxxx


Olive said...

Beautiful clip for a very beautiful and clever girl!

Ariana said...

She's adorable.I think the felt clip is super cute.