Sunday, 21 December 2008

Where did the last 6 weeks go??????........

................................& how is it Christmas already??? Well Lilly-Rose is 6 weeks old, not quite sleeping through the night, & fitting in to our family like she has always been a part of it. Havent taken nearly enough photos & the ones I have taken are pretty much rubbish. Really need to learn how to take better pictures!!
Well, the Christmas tree is up, school is finished & Christmas is 4 sleeps away, still need to get more presents & wrap them all & somehow get in the Christmas mood. Have got the school play & decorating the tree to share at some point, hopefully before Christmas.
Enough for now, off to try & get a decent photo of all 3 girls, which I have yet to attempt, wish me luck please!!

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Micayla said...

Merry Christmas sweetie, that little lady of yours is just delish, what a stunna!!!
Have a good one and try and relax a bit, I know I am going to try!!!!