Sunday, 25 January 2009


So this is my Work In Process........after not sewing ANYTHING for months, I finally took th plunge & started making my 1st quilt. The fabrics are by the amazing Heather Bailey . I bought a Charm Pack, which basically a pack of fabrics precut into 5" squares. Unfortunately during the prewashing process, they frayed pretty badly, leaving me with lots of different sized squares. As I was using these instructions, the fraying became a bit of an issue. So after some playing around, I came up with the above pattern, which took me an afternoon to piece together. This will become a quilt for Lilly-Rose. I just need to buy some white fabric, to frame the above squares, some backing fabric & some bright binding.........not sure what colour yet.
Having a quiet weekend here, so far it has involved a walk in the forest (bloomin freezing it was!!), some sewing (me), online game playing (Hubby), playing & drawing (the girls). What are you up to?

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