Sunday, 29 November 2009

Better Late Than Never.........

& here it is!!!

Quilts are a bugger to photograph!!

The quilting did NOT go to plan :(. I was aiming for the quilting to be quite freestyled (IYKWIM!) so didnt mark any lines. I wanted a diagonal quilting effect, so it started really well, but somewhere towards the middle of the quilt it was no longer diagonal, but more straight across the quilt..oh well!! My sewing machine coped brilliantly with it, which made me fall even more in love with it, LOL!

As for the binding, well, lets just say it isnt very even. I bought premade binding, however I didnt line it up very well, so its deeper on one side. Hand sewing the other side of the binding was not fun, so need to find an alternative.

But I have to admit, I really loved making this quilt!! & the little lady loves it too!!

Now I want to make one to curl up under on the sofa. I even have to perfect fabrics already picked out ! But I'll save that for another post.


Micayla said...

Scraplift away, if it helps you scrap. I sometimes do it when Mr Mojo is normally helps.
Now onto the oh my Lisa, it is totally gorgeous. I adore it. The quilting looks fab even if it did go a little wrong, you cannot tell. I am onto the quilting part myself, freestyle too eek, and I am not looking forward to the binding. Are you doing another? I have the fabric for my next one already.
Oh and Miss LR is totally gorgeous, all snuggled up.....ideal for a layout.

Muddling Through said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I'm still learning myself, and I've made quite a few now. I do have to say though that I've never made a perfect one yet. Just keep at it, because you want to do it! There's something very comforting about a quilt that you've made with your own hands. :)