Wednesday, 9 December 2009

December Daily

So, I decided to take part in Ali Edwards 'December Daily', which is basically a scrapbook detailing the run up to Xmas. & it is now the 9th December.........& Im so behind!!!! Just dont know where the hours in the day are going!! BUT I have taken photos for every day, written notes & have the pages planned in my head. Just need the time to do them!!

I also discovered Picnik thanks to the lovely Micayla. I usually use Photoshop, but just cannot for the life of me figure it out. I just muck around with the contrast etc!! So I thought after seeing Micayla's beautiful photos of her family, esp. the gorge Miss Emily, that I'd give Picnik a go to see if it could help my photos look a fraction as good as Micaylas.

The first photo has been Photoshopped. All I did was play around with the contrast, looks pretty good, I was happy with it.

Then I tired in Picnik. OMIGOD!! How easy is that site to use?????? How blumming fantabulous does my photo look now?!?!?!?!

Me likey Picnik!!

Me also like the new editing options on Blogger. Sooooo much easier to use!

Coming up next post: My December Daily album (handmade I might add!) & hopefully some of the pages, should I get time to do them. Tommorrow Im off to brave the shops to finish my xmas shopping, wish me luck!!


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Micayla said...

Oh my looks delish. Those girls are just too sweet. I love what you have done and I am so glad I could help. This is the second post I have read today that thanked me for letting them about Picnik!
Yay for the DD......sooooo excited to see it!
Mucho xxx