Thursday, 31 December 2009

A New Year..............

.........A new start? Usually the New Year is quite depressing, but this year I am actually looking forward to it ending & having a fresh start. I did not achieve anything in 2009 that I wanted to achieve, creatively speaking. Family wise, a few things were achieved, but more obstacles were put in our way. I guess the main cause for concern in 2009 would be involving this lovely young lady:

This is my middle daughter, Keely. This year, she has gone through more than an adult could cope with in a year. In fact, she has gone through more in her 5 years, than most people go through in a lifetime. She has coped with medical issues, which will probably impact the rest of her life & that are no where near being resolved, eye sight problems, hearing loss, learning difficulties. She has gone through appointment after appointment with various Doctors, always with a smile & usually a song & dance to accompany it!! We have gone through meeting after meeting with her school & various Ed. specialists, where we have listened to people constantly tell us what is wrong with her, when in fact there is nothing wrong, as she is 100% perfect to us. She has been bullied by other children as she is 'different' to them, but she still skips into school every day with a big grin, eager to see everyone.

2010 will be Keely's Year. It will be the year where we finally get answers to how we can help her, it will be the year where I finally meet a Dr who knows more about her condition than I do, & will give me more answers & information than I find on the internet. This will be the year where Keely will be allowed to shake off the label she has been given & people will accept her as she is. I'm looking forward to that, I'm looking forward to helping Keely realise that she is perfect & that her imperfections make her perfect.

Phew, that was deep!! Shall we have something a bit 'lighter' now?

2009 had plenty of good points:

Watching the relationship between my 3 daughters grow into something more beautiful than I could ever imagine it would be. I hope more than anything in the world that they remain as close or even closer than they are now for the rest of their lives.

Our first proper family holiday!! We went to Ireland, & even though it rained for most of it & we were stuck inside, we had so much fun & enjoyed each others company more than ever.

& finally, the most important day of my life..............

Was the day I married my Best Friend. It was an extremely quiet, fuss free, perfect day, exactly what we wanted. In fact, the only regret I have is that I didnt have more photos. I love the above photo, apart from looking old. I took it in our kitchen, just after we got back from the restaurant, just before we all got changed into our comfy clothes & flopped on the sofa with a cuppa!! Happy Days!!

Looking back on it now, I realise that 2009 was all about my Family. Building & strengthening our life together, being strong for each other when it was needed, being the shoulder to cry on & the hand to help each other up when we fell. For all the bad that happened, it only enforced how strong we are. & the happy times certainly cancel out the bad.

I do feel that I have neglected myself over the past year, this is something my Husband constantly tells me off about. So I think that one of my main resolutions for 2010, will be to put myself first once in a while. This will definately involve creative time for me, as I have barely done anything this year (apart from the quilt which was a huge achievement!!) I want to aim to sew at least 1 thing a week, but I guess first I need to make my creative space more 'workable'. I cannot see the desk right now for all the rubbish that is dumped on it. I had major plans this week to have my house sparkling clean & tidy, but thanks to my back that has not happened, I guess another good resolution would be for me to start listening to my body more & taking better care of it, instead of running it into the ground.

Wow, I've rambled. LOL!! I'm going to sign off now & go kick my Husbands backside at bowling on the Wii.........well as much as I can without hurting my back!!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year.


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