Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Merry Xmas!!!

Hope you had a good one? Ours was great, no drama. Spent xmas day at home (I was sick unfortunately), cuddled up on the sofa under the beautiful faux fur throw that Hubby bought me, reading the new craft books that the girls picked. We got a Wii as a 'family gift', which brought lots of laughter to our day ( photos to follow!)  Boxing Day was spent with my family, complete chaos, but lots of fun!!

I'm now completely over xmas, usually I hate taking down the decs etc as the house looks so bare, but this year the clutter etc is driving me mad!! I've managed to de-christmas one room (i.e taken all the decs & the tree & moved them into the other room!! LOL!!) But my de-christmassing has come to a swift halt as I have hurt my back & can barely move, not fun!!

As for the December Daily? Well, I've got all my supplies ready, photos printed & notes written.........but its just not happening. I dont know why? I love reading about scrapbooking, looking at blogs & magazines, & planning pages in my head......but when it comes to actually putting things onto paper, I just stall :(  I am contemplating giving up scrapping, concentrating on sewing instead. But I dont want to make a rush decision, get rid of all my stash (which I'll be honest is just loads of crap as I havent bought anything good in over a year!) then regret it. I think that the best thing will be to maybe pack it all away, & see how I feel next month. If the scrapping bug returns, everything is in place to continue the DD, so what Ive already done wont be wasted. & if not, well, I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. :)

Ok, I'm off to bed as my back is killing me. Im thinking that getting a Dr's appt for tommorrow will be an extrememly long shot!! (NYEve!!) I will be back tommorrow to blog my New Years Resolutions.

Nighty night!! xx

Forgot to add: the photo is Miss Lilly-Rose on her 1st birthday in Nov (where has the time gone?). I realised that I never blogged the photos from her day, so will be doing that in the New Year. The photo was edited in Picnik, however her eyes are that blue in real life, she has her Daddys eyes.

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