Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowed In..............

The snow started about 8pm last night, by 10:30pm, it was a good couple of inches thick!! Thankfully the schools in the area have been closed, as there was no way I could get the buggy through it!! Its amazing how even the ugliest of areas (I do not live in a picturesque area), looks beautiful with some frost & snow. I really want to head down to the canal with my camera, but its too far. Apparently more snow is forcast for today. Hubby has gone to work, but I cannot see him having to do a full day (fingers crossed!!) so I'd better get him to pick up some milk & bread on his way home.

So, I guess our plans for today will be a little time outside (the baby is full of a cold, teething & doesnt have any suitable footwear so the older 2 will be going out while she is napping), the maybe some baking & a little bit of this:

Still practicing & trying to get the hang of it!! But its fun, as long as no one disturbs me as I'm trying to concentrate (not easy in this house, LOL!!) Hoping to make a granny square throw, but think I'm no where near ready to attempt it!!

So, whats the weather like where you are?


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Micayla said...

Lots of snow here too and it is freezing cold! Love the photo's so pretty!
I brought the same mag the other day and have tried and given up all ready! I cannot even get started so I wish you luck my dear!