Friday, 8 January 2010

Still snowed in............

........& I'm have enough of the snow!! It has stopped falling for now, but due to the freeeeezzing temps, the pavements etc are just ice, & we are due more snow today & over the weekend. The girls school has reopened today, but I'm keeping them home, as we are full of colds & we dont fancy the trek to there trying to push the buggy.

So, what have we been up to? Pretty much just chilling. We had to brave the supermarket last night as the cupboards were bare & there were no online delivery slots till Sunday, it was not fun, but got plenty of food so planning on cooking lots of soups & comfort foods. Yum!!

I finally got around to doing some baking on Wednesday, using the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. In honour of the lovely weather, we named these Snowflake Cupcakes:

They werent as yummy as usual, due to the fact I only had vanilla flavouring, not extract, but they were gobbled up nethertheless!!

I have also started to read the 1st Harry Potter to the older girls. We are on chapter3 & they are loving it! Planning on curling up on the sofa today & reading some more with them. Megan loves to read & like me, she is a super fast reader!! She enjoys the Magic Kitten/Pony/Puppy/whatever range of books, but has finished each one we have bought her in 1 day!! Keely has also started to read & is enjoying looking for words she recognises. Its an amazing feeling seeing them learn & watching their confidence grow. Although some (most) of the questions they ask stump me!! Nothing like being made to feel stupid by a 5 & 7 year old, LOL!!

Ok, so plans for today are cleaning the kitchen, the usual laundry, letting the kids have a long warm bubble bath, cooking some soup & maybe a lasagne for dinner, oh & some shortbread!! Reading & having some cuddles with my girls, putting the xmas decorations away as they are all dumped on the dining room table & some sewing/crochet/cross stitch time hopefully!!


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Micayla said...

Yay for reading, Emily grabs her books and says 'read it' to us! I feel that introducing it at such a young age will hopefully make it a long life love and it sounds like the girls love it too!
Those cupcakes look yum.....the big diet starts tomorrow and I wish I had one of those pretty little things to eat right now!
Hope the snow clears up soon for you, the same is going on, ice, snow, snow and it is bloody freezing!
Take care xx