Friday, 15 January 2010

Something Creative!!

Finally, I have achieved something creative!!! I have been loving all the yarn wreaths I have been seeing online. Its definatly been high on my to do list. I had the polystyrene wreath & the cream wool, but just couldnt come up with the 'something else' the wreath needed.

Then I received my beautiful xmas present from my friend Emily.

And wrapped around my beautiful present were these beautiful crochet flowers.

And I had a Lightbulb moment!!

So, using the flowers & the wool that came with my present, along with the cream wool I already had, I created the beauty that now hangs on my mirror.

Looks great if I do say so myself!! Even though its been there a week now & my Husband has yet to notice it!! Men!!

Now, I just need to find/create a picture to go on the easel on the bookcase, & finish the little yarn tree that is next to it, any ideas??

The flowers were attatched to the wreath with pearl headed pins.

Feels good to be creative!!

Will blog later about my birthday that was this week & the amazing presents I received (one in particular, that was mind blowing!!). Also really need to come up with a new blog header, better get my thinking cap on!


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Micayla said...

OMG, it is gorgeous Lisa. You are a little Miss Talented of late. Those flowers really set it off and look perfect.
So excited to hear about the pressies you got.....yay for birthdays. I think as mine is two days before the wedding it will pass in a blur of nerves and excitement. But that is okay as I can then skip the new age I have become and stay 27! Hooray.
Emily has a thing for taking her PJ's off too, and making herself into a merm-me by putting both legs in one leg hole in her grows. Merm-me is mermaid to you and me! She climbs on everything too, it does not take them long to become a total danger to themselves, does it?
Thanks for the ideas for a dress, have been on ebay and I still have not decided if I want a wedding dress or I am happy to wear just a pretty one. I have fell in love with a grey/silver prom style dress with a huge sash and bow so at least I am okay with the idea of a non traditional dress.
I must dash as Emily is having a long afternnon nap which is a rare treat and I have loads to do instead of being on the computer.