Friday, 22 January 2010

Birthdays & WIP

So it was my birthday a week ago (21 again!!!! LOL!!) It was a fantastic day, I think the girls were more excited than I was!! So I woke up to lots of cuddles & kisses, & was then awarded with a small box. I was expecting something as Hubby had warned me that due to the snow my present may not arrive in time for the big day & they were all worried it wasnt going to show (it finally arrived the day before!) Inside this box were 5 beautiful beads for my braclet that I received the Christmas before last. Each of them picked a bead for me themselves (well apart from Lilly-Rose!), I had hinted to Hubby before about the kind of beads I liked, so they picked well!!

So, from left to right, firstly we have the gold bead that I received from Megan when I first got the bracelet. The photo doesnt do the colours of it justice. Next to that is a spacer bar (?), which they got free as they bought 4 beads (Hubbys a great bargain hunter!!), the pink with hearts is from him. The number 5 bead is also from Keely, 5 because we are a family of 5, although Keely thinks its because she is 5! Next to that is a pink sparkly bead, Hubby bought this for me last year, appealing to my Magpie side! Then we have the elephant bead. Megan chose this one as I love elephants :-) The dark bead with flowers is from my little flower, Miss Lilly-Rose. Finally we have the pink bead that Keely chose for me when I originally received the bracelet. I still have plenty of space on the braclet for more!!!! I have to say, that apart from my wedding ring, this is my most treasured piece of jewellery.

Unfortunately the girls had school on my birthday, so we couldnt spend the day together. Hubby, Lilly-Rose & I went out for a coffee & a cake, the Hubby surprised me with a trip to a fabric shop that he'd found (I'd be moaning that we didnt have any fabric shops nearby, shopping online isnt as much fun!). The shop had a sale ( Yay!!) & I bought some fabric that is perfect for a bag that I'm planning, & it was on sale at £3.00 a metre..........just wish I'd bought more :-)

Dinner was pizza that evening (no cooking!!) & cheesecake. Then Megan put on a show for me, which was so funny!! After this, I received the best present I could ever get!! As we were sitting on the sofa, just before putting the kids to bed, Lilly-Rose stood up, got her balance, & took her first steps!!!!! The perfect end to a wonderful day!!

Not the best photo, but I dont seem to be in many photos with my kids........which is probably down to the fact Im the one taking the photos!! She's not quite walking on her own yet, but I dont think it'll be much longer.

& so on to the crafty stuff. Heres my latest WIP (Work In Progress):

Can you tell what it is yet?????


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Micayla said...

I am really good thank you for asking. Hope you are too. Had the most fun today with Emily. You see I was supposed to be going for a run this morning, got up early o'clock but forgot to get my stuff ready and could not go rooting round in the dark for it in case i woke Emily the run never happened! I was going to go tonight but am mega knacked as 5.20am is way too early for me so I popped a CD on and danced around with Emily for ages. She found it most amusing and got hiccups from laughing so was the best workout ever!
Yay for the birthday stuff, you were really lucky and I think Hubs and the girls did great. Cannot wait to see the bag you have planned and the looks good! My quilt has been put upstairs for the moment, we have damp were it was being kept and I did not want it to get ruined....but it will get finished. I am working on other stuff at the moment and will share soon.
I guess I cannot forget the big thing......YAY LILLY-ROSE.....taking those first steps on Mummy's birthday, what a clever girl. She will be off in now time, Emily was walking around town for ages the other day and looked so cute in her duck rain mac. The photo is gorgeous too the grain effect. You must get a tripod and get more.
Have a fab weekend my dear.