Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday WIP.........

Well, last week I showed a sneak peek of a new project I was starting. I have been in love with the finished item since I first set eyes upon it, however it was way out of my price range. So I settled for admiring from afar!! Then a few weeks ago, I found a magazine that contained the pattern for said item, at a fraction of the price. It was obviously meant to be!!! Ha ha!! I knew that this would be a pretty big project to undertake but I am determined to finish it as quickly as possible. As an incentive to finish, I have decided to post a picture of my Work In Process every week (Friday) until it is complete.

So last week you saw Week 1.

& here is Week 2:

I have actually completed more than is shown in the pic, as this was taken this morning & I have been working on it on & off today. But you'll have to wait till next week to see the ongoing process!!

I'm so glad its Friday!! Its been a looooonng week, hospital appts, sickness, horrible weather. I'm definately craving some sunshine & fun with my family.

Have a good weekend.



Micayla said...

OOOh come on you and share. I am gagging to see what it is.
Hope all is okay, sickness is looming here too with Steve under the weather and Miss E is a little off.....I am hoping to avoid it again. The weather here has sucked and been so cold, got more snow yesterday. Hope everything when well at the hospital, are things getting somewhere now?
I am finally going to get making tomorrow, I have been busy with this and that and nothing but ideas have happened and I am dying to create something for Etsy. Yep I do know about Folksy, got an account there too and will try both when I have a handful of stuff to sell. Thanks for the heads up though.
Enjoy the weekend Lisa, I have been looking forward to it too.

Micayla said...

I know what it is...........just reading a copy of a magazine and saw it to do with Hugs and does the name Emily make sense to you?
M xx

Lisa said...

You got it!!! xx