Monday, 8 February 2010

Friday WIP...........on a Monday

Well, I didnt post at all last week (Bad Blogger!!), not sure why, last week just seemed to fly by? Didnt actually manage to get much done to the WIP, most of the progress you see was done over the weekend. I'm guessing this is going to be a very long WIP!! The lovely Micayla guessed correctly, it is the Hug cushion by Emily Peacock, unfortunately its not the tapestry version (way too expensive for me) but a cross stitch version. Its going to be bigger than I thought, not even sure where it is going to live when its finally done!!

Anyway, have a pretty busy week ahead of me, lots to do!! But I am planning on attempting to blog at least 4 times, have a few posts planned in my head, lets just see if I can get them on here.

The weather is awful today, so dark & miserable, trying to snow. Lilly-Rose & I are currently snuggled up on the sofa watching Waybuloo. Really have loads to be getting on with but cant resist snuggling with her. Dreaming of springtime, showing her flowers & going to feed the ducks with her sisters. Planning on making a few dresses for her.

Speaking of making, there has been some creative activity taking place, not finished yet, but hopefully will have something to show this week. Also some cooking & baking.......yum!!

Will leave you now with some photos of my little girl, she is growing up too fast for my liking.

Ok, better get on with my day. Have a good one. xxx

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Sarah said...

Ooo do you have a link to where you can get that cushion 'kit' from??