Wednesday, 10 February 2010


As you can see, some sewing activity has been taking place recently. :-) You may also notice (or maybe not) that I've moved my sewing area, but will do a post on that another time!!


Some retro style bunting in progress. This will be part of a gift for a friends son. Unfortunately I may have to resew a few triangles as I got a bit carried away & cut to close to the seams!! Whoops!!


I purchased some scrap bags from The Eternal Maker, one full of Amy Butler scraps, & the other was Free Spirit fabric. Very lush!! Planning on making some cushions with these, just need some linen to go with them.


These fabrics will become a fabric basket, for my WIP's. So hopefully I can keep all the bits & pieces together, LOL!! Just waiting on some linen for this as well!!

Having a weird weather day today, right now we have bright sunshine streaming through the window, however 10 minutes ago, the sky was so dark, I had to put a light on. Plus we have had 2 or 3 snow showers, which have come down pretty heavy. Please no more snow!!!

Okey dokey, must get on with my day.

Have a good one!! xx

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Micayla said...

Oh yummy fabrics, makes my heart sign!
The bunting looks fab and I am excited to see those cushions.
Hope you have had a lovely week, what plans have you for the weekend. Emily and I spent the afternoon at her cousins Birthday party and are going to her Granna's tomorrow for tea. I don't see much crafting going on for me, but I have finally made a start on the invites for the wedding.....yay!!!