Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My little artist

My eldest daughter Megan is absolutely obsessed with art & craft. She is the most imaginative child I've ever met, the ideas she has amaze me on a daily basis. My middle daughter Keely is starting to develop the art & craft bug, however she prefers to create on the computer rather than on paper, unless there is paint & glue to hand then she'll happily make plenty of mess!! So, I shouldnt have really been surprised when this site greeted me a few days ago:

Yep, Miss Lilly-Rose at 14 months has discovered the joys of scribbling!!

However, after catching her chewing a slim crayon, I'm going to have to invest in Lilly-Rose's 1st set of chubby crayons. :-)

She is also properly walking &, as I discovered this morning, able to climb the stairs (not just a few stairs, all the way to the top!!). So I'm off to fit more stairgates.

Funnily enough, my lovely friend Micayla blogged about her daughters crafty escapades this week too!! Go have a look at her lovely blog, much gorgeousness to be found!! (Is that a word??)

Ok, no crafty stuff to show today, but hopefully I'll have some to show tommorrow, or at least some lush fabric to drool over!!


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