Thursday, 18 February 2010

New Fabric!!!!!

A few days ago (Tuesday evening to be precise), I decided to treat myself to some new fabric. I need to make a throw for the sofa, something that will be perfect for snuggling under in the evening. I was really struggling to find something suitable. I didnt want something too girly, as this house is girly enough & I do have to at least consider my Husband sometimes, LOL!! So after browsing many fabric sites with no luck, I visited Saints&Pinners, where I found the most perfect fabrics, for the perfect prices!!

This morning, a package was delivered, & upon opening it, I found:

How beautiful is the packaging?????? Almost didn't want to open it.........almost!! Knowing this was inside helped me through it!!

Amy Butler Lushness!!

Cannot wait to get started on this, although I'm intimidated to get cutting as my last quilt used charm squares. I'm quite liking the idea of making a few cushion covers to go with it. I shall be spending the evening prewashing & finishing off the bunting, so that I can get going on this!!



joanne said...

Thanks for the mention Lisa - glad you like the packaging and what was inside it! I know what you mean about getting nerves before cutting into fabric :)

Micayla said...

Yay, new fabric. That quilt is going to be gorgeous. I have not checked this site out before, so off to take a peek.

Thank you for the mention on the last post, so sweet. If L-R is anything like Emily those chunky crayons will be munched on....she just cannot help herself!

Love it that L-R has a creative side....nurture it Lisa, it is good for the soul but I am sure you know this and do do.

Emily is a stair climber too, she loves to 'go see stairs' and 'up to bedrooms' I am up and down all day but I guess it will help with the weight loss.

Have a lovely weekend, get making that quilt I want to see pictures!

Micayla xx