Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I made something useful!

So, I have this lovely little daughter, who just loves to play with doors. As I expect you can already understand, that has caused a few tears & sore fingers. Therefore I needed to find a solution to stop this. As a temporary measure, a box of books was used, but as you can see, not the most pleasant sight to see. My living room is due to be redecorated very soon, & I had bought some Amy Butler fabrics to make a quilt/throw & cushions. I decided that I would make a doorstop out of these fabrics to match the rest ofthe room. A friend gave me a link to a doorstop tutorial & along with a bag of rice, I made this:

I am really pleased with how it turned out! Although I have an idea (or two!) for more doorstops, how many doorstops does 1 door need?

Just 1 more photo for you today, this is what happens when I try & take photographs:

She loves having her picture taken!!



fruitcake said...

waw lis! it turned out better than i imagined actually! xx

Micayla said...

I love it Lisa, I totally need to make one now for the backdoor. Been busy sewing too, got some more garlands done for the shop and am in the process of stringing the next lot. Really need to make a start on Emily's dress for our hol.
Emily is just like L-R at the moment, she will not let me take her photo unless she is right in front of it and she now does her full smile for me....such a delight!
Have a lovely week and thanks for the sweet comment about my dress. It does have a single layer white net underskirt and although I would like a hot pink one, time I don't think will allow it.....damn time restrictions. It is only 4 weeks on Friday.