Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spontaneously looking forward to the weekend.................& some crafty books

So, its been a long week. Eye tests, parent teacher meetings, physio appts..................I was really looking forward to the week being over, even though you should never wish time away :-)  Planned to get the camera out & properly document our family time, as I havent taken nearly enough photos this year. Planned to do something 'spontaneous' this weekend, that gave my husband a laugh, buts its hard to be spontaneous with 3 kids under 8. Planned on getting an early night last night, worked some more on the Hug pillow (haven't touched it for weeks, will try & get a progress photo this weekend, although its grey & miserable here right now). Then  heard the lovely sound of my eldest daughter throwing up around 11pm. Finally got her back to bed about 1am, was woken up 2 times more in the night (poor thing had nothing left in her stomach to throw up), then awoke again around 5am, this time to Hubby with the same thing. Thats why you cant be spontaneous!! Now its looking like a weekend of resting, plenty of fluids & some good healthy food for the poorly ones, & entertaining for the other 2,(& feeding them too!!) & maybe, just maybe I can squeeze some sewing in at some point!!

Ok, enough moaning!

I love to read, although I dont seem to be able to get 'into' a story like I used to (well, apart from the Harry Potter & Twilight series). Craft books are becoming a firm favourite, & my collection is growing:

Many hours can be spent browsing these beauties! With that in mind, I have decided to set myself a challenge. I am planning to not only write a review of each book, but also to make at least 1 project out of each. I was originally thinking of doing 1 book a month, but lets face it, I have 3 children & a Husband, so things are bound to occur so this doesnt happen! To start, I'll be looking at Sew by Cath Kidston, which is a lovely to read, full of eye candy, & a great bargain especially as you receive a kit with the book to make the bag featured on the front cover! Plus all the pieces are cut out already which saves a great deal of time for me, ha ha!

So, what craft books do you have? Or do you recomend?

Ok, off to take care of my family. Happy Saturday everyone!!


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Micayla said...

I am sorry to hear that the 'sickies' have come to say hello to your home. Hope everyone gets better soon and it does not effect any one else. I am hoping to avoid any illness before the wedding and when we go away. Emily was poorly for about a week when we went to Marseille last time. Such a shame, bless her.
Those books look good, I have the CK Sew myself but I am looking forward to seeing the reports. I hate buying books in case they are not to my liking. So this is a really good idea Lisa.
Hope Keely's appointments make life a little easier on her. The poor little girl. It must be so hard for you all.
Have a lovely weekend, despite the sickies.