Monday, 3 May 2010

More Bunting

I love bunting!! It makes me happy!! So, I decided my house needs bunting, & I have plenty of fabric to use. (Well, actually thats a lie, no such thing as enough fabric, LOL!)

I wanted some bunting for our dining/play room, its such a hard room to decorate. Its quite a big room, painted magnolia, but its very dark. Its currently a major 'Work In Progress'.

For some reason, I cannot get a decent picture of the bunting hanging up, so will have to show some close up pictures instead!!

I'm imagining them in a conservatory or garden room, a bright warm sunny room, with lots of wooden furniture.

Next on the bunting list?

Funky style bunting for the kitchen, lots of polka dots & cupcakes.

Vintage floral bunting for the girls room.


1 comment:

Micayla said...

Oh sweet Mama......girl that bunting is just too cute. I adore the cream small flower material in the first pick....please share where you got it. Yes, you are right a home can nver have enough bunting. I have two in my bedroom hung on the celing above my pretty.
Hope Keely is feeling better and glad the blanket is still functional.
Speak soon Lisa.