Saturday, 17 July 2010

Crafty Gifts

So, this was my second attempt at a Cathedral Window cushion. Due to the difficulties I had with the first cushion, I chose to only have 4 windows in this cushion which made it much easier to sew.

I also used buttons on this one, to hide where the points didnt exactly match up. I love the effect this has, but its not easy to do, & very time consuming. Its normally a technique used to make quilts, but I can only imagine how long that would take!!

I made a 'Home Sweet Home' cushion as my craftee liked the one Id made for my previous craft swap,& after looking at these photos, Im thinking I might need to make one for my sofa!!

Included in the gift was some scalloped bunting (loving scalloped bunting!!), a pincushion (my craftee loves to sew) & a decoupaged photoframe.

Now I really want to make some cushions for my own home!!


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Minxy said...

I really like the scalloped bunting for something a bit different. And the cathedral cushion was worth your time, it looks lovely x