Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I sewed something!!

My poor sewing machine has been very neglected lately :-(  Someone had asked me to talk them through the quilting process, & I agreed to take photos as a small tutorial. I spent Saturday afternoon doing this, & was left with a patchwork strip. What to do with this strip then?? Make a cushion!!

I was originally planning to use cream cotton to make the cushion. But it just didnt 'pop' enough!! So I had an old pair of jeans to hand, & the denim was the perfect accompaniment to the materials in the patchwork piece. The colours are richer in real life, but the light at the moment is awful, so I cant get a decent photo!!

It's a simple envelope style cushion, & is now living alongside my crochet blanket,brightening up the sofa.

**Happy Days!!**

Is it sad that a simple cushion can bring a ton of happiness??


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