Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Mornings..........

............are rubbish anyway, but today is absolutely miserable. Woke up to a dark grey sky & rain, but not pouring down rain, instead we have that horrible misting rain, that, even though its light rain, it soaks you through. Yuck!! Hubby has gone for his first day at college (so proud of him!!), so the morning routine was all down to me (although now I'm writing this, I'm realising that the morning routine is always down to me!!) Megan had her school photographs today, which added the stress of keeping her super tidy until she got to it just my kids that only look tidy for 5 minutes?? So, once the school run was done, & Lilly-Rose & I returned home, soaking wet, there was only one thing to do:

Yep, have a cuppa!!

I did not, however, have a piece of cake. This picture was taken last week, hence the sun!! It was a very delicious Marble cake :-)  But I did use that cup!!


Now on to something creative. Im totally hooked on crocheting (hooked, geddit??!!) & last week, whilst out for some Mummy&Megan time, I saw a gorgeous crocheted scarf in Accessorize. The price however was not gorgeous, £22!! No way!! So, after scrutinising a picture & figuring out the colours used, I took a trip to my local wool shop & picked out some wool. I chose acrylic wools, as they are cheaper, with the total cost coming to £17. Now I know what you are thinking, add the cost of the wool to the time it will take, why dont I just buy it? But the lady who owns the shop told me that I could probably make 3 scarves from the wool I've got, so there's 2 xmas presents sorted!!

Heres the wool, in Attic24 style:

I have to say that the navy wool is horrible to work with!! But the Stylecraft Special wool (the middle 3 in the bottom wool) are a dream!! I think the colours are Pomegrante, Meadow & Lavender. & it cost under £2 a ball which is an absolute bargain.

So far I've finished 6 squares, only 34 more to go!!

But I'm loving it!! (You can see what the finished article should look like in the picture). Am setting myself a deadline to finish by Monday 4th October, which is 1 week today! However, I've just worked out that I will need to crochet 5 squares a day, which could be pushing it!! LOL!! Maybe I should extend my deadline to the following Monday?


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Araminta said...

OMG how good are you at crocheting?! I so want to be good at it but dont have the patience so that cheap magazine got stuffed in the bottom of my WIP bag never to see the light of day, I need some lessons. Oh and nope you are not alone, I have a little person dirt magnet too although the Boy has always been good at keeping respectable.