Sunday, 5 September 2010

Where did August go?????

So I had loads of plans for this summer, I was going to blog everything we did. Not quite sure why that never happened, although having a really slow computer really puts me off uploading photos. Therefore instead of many detailed installments of how we spent our summer holidays, we are just going to put it all in one post & go with that!!

Here goes:

How we spent our summer......................................................................

We had birthdays

We took part in the Great Butterfly Count, & counted a total of 115 butterflies in 1 day, although I suspect that many of them were the same butterfly, ha ha!!

We went to the Zoo 3 times, our car hasnt faired too well from this. It has so far been attacked by an Emu, & had a Monkey Orgy take place on the bonnet...'Look girls, they are hugging!' 

I did not feel that the Monkey Loving photographs were suitable for my little blog  :-)

We jumped on the trampoline (& some of us came to the conclusion that after 3 children, our trampolining days were over)

We swung on swings

We got annoyed with Mum sticking a camera in our faces all the time!!

We also went toboganning (sp!?) found some new cool areas to visit, had family to stay, friends over for bbq's, used lots of paper, glue, stickers & sellotape, set new records on the Wii (& suffered injury from it), baked cakes & started & finished a crocheted sofa throw.

All in all, apart from the weather, it has been a good summer.

But all back to normal from tommorrow.

The uniform is ready.
The PE Kits are packed.
The new shoes are ready to be worn.
The lunchboxes are ready to be filled.
The Mum is ready for a bit of peace & quiet
(although Miss Lilly-Rose might have an objection, or two to make against that!)

I have a few crochet posts to show this week, but for now, my bed is calling.

Goodnight Summer. Hello Autumn.


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Araminta said...

LOL at naughty monkey shenanigans! your girls are beautiful!