Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!!

To you!! It's been a pretty quiet one here, Megan & Keely both dressed up as witches & went with Daddy to a few neightbours houses, then later on we had 3 or 4 groups of kids knock here, so they were given the task of opening the door & handing out the treats. We locked the gate at 7pm, so that the girls wouldnt be disturbed in bed by people knocking (& so I can eat the rest of the sweets........LOL!!)

I have a few pictures of them dressed up & of us playing some games, but I dont have the energy right now to go through the rigmarole of uploading them off the camera, then editing as my lappy is sooooooo slllooooowwww. Instead Im going to go & play with some felt, stuffing & embroidery thread for a while then head of to bed as school starts again tommorrow.


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Micayla said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures Lisa. I bet the girls look gorgeous. Good idea about locking the gate. I wish we could do that sometimes but lucky us where not home until late and nobody came and woke Emily!!!