Thursday, 4 November 2010

Out of action.....................

.....................due to a badly sprained right wrist. Tuesday lunchtime saw me venturing into the garden to find out what the dogs were barking at. There is quite a large area of decking in our garden & on this decking there is a large patch where the rain/leaves overflow off the conservatory falls resultin in a very slippery deck. In my haste to see what the dogs were going beserk at, I rushed outside & slipped onto my backside & landing on my right wrist.My left hand landed in dogs mess, which has given my husband a good laugh, but made me even angrier at the dogs as it was their blooming fault in the first place!!

I iced & rested the wrist (as per nhs direct instructions) & the next day the wrist was stiff & only slightly sore. Unfortunately, as Mum to 3, life carried on & I may have slightly overdone it yesterday, resulting in a visit to A&E this morning. After a x-ray & 5 hour wait, I was told it was only sprained & given a splint to wear till Monday.

Now, normally this enforced rest would be very welcomed. However this weekend sees Lilly-Rose turn 2 (How?? Wheres my baby gone? :-(  Going by too quick), therefore a cake needs baking & decorating, & a baby blanket needs crocheting for Hubbys new baby nephew who was born this week. Im too busy to be resting!!!!!

But I guess I need to take it easy as my Mum helpfully informed me that sprains can take 6 weeks to heal!! Which is not an option!!

Anybody fancy baking, decorating or crocheting for me please??



Micayla said...

Oh sweetie, I wish I lived closer so I could come and help. I would be there in a flash.
So sorry to hear about the wrist and the dog poo. I couldnt imagine how hard it would be for you, especially with everything all happening at once. How on earth is L-R almost 2....seriously I cannot believe it. I wish time would stop stealing our babies. So unfair.
I will be sending you some love on Monday and I am super busy with the garden this week, so keep an eye out.
Get well soon.

Araminta said...

Get well soon xx What a pants way to hurt it. Wow on L-R being 2, happy birthday sweetheart!

by Teresa said...

Gosh I'm sorry about your fall and sprain. :-(

I hope you're well really fast. You did tell a funny story, though! :-)

Hugs, Teresa from Corbett, Oregon