Monday, 25 October 2010

My Craft Space...........................

Wasn't very inspiring to be creative in, LOL!!! Some major tidying & organising needed to be done.

                                                       Much better!! :-)

Needed to put all my wool into a box with a lid, as the kids love to play with it!! Even though they have wool of their own, I guess Mummy's is just better.

I have to say I do agree!! Love my wool, & this is just half of it.

Whilst I was on my organising kick, I decided to organise my stash my attaching a piece of wool to it's label for future reference.

My photos are awful at the moment! I think my camera doesnt like me. Plus the light in that room is terrible.

I also needed a box for my crochet WIPs. Will post about these later on.

So now I have a lovely clean creative space.  Unfortunately my space will be moved soon, in order for the xmas tree to be put up. Plus I'm sure that our next house wont have the space for a desk that size, so downsizing is in order. At least now it is tidy, it will be easier to do.


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Little Miss Crafty said...

I so wish i had space to set all my things out and organise in boxes! Looks so nice! x