Saturday, 9 October 2010

Our Weekend Plans.

Well, so far my weekend has consisted of waking up with a nearly 2 year old climbing on me, making breakfast for everyone, lunch for the Hubby who has to work today, then about 4 cups of tea whilst catching up on some blogs. The weather is miserable, not raining fortunately but grey & so dark, that I still have the lamp on & it's 10:45am!!

I decided late last night that I would photograph & blog the weekends activities, which seemed like a good idea!! So far however, no photos have been taken!! LOL.  But I will continue with this plan.

Our weekend activities are looking like this:

- Some crafty time for the older girls, which will involve a very large piece of paper, as well as glue, glitter (probably) & maybe paint.
- Some painting time for the younger one, as I finally got her some paints this week.
- Some creative time for me!! Yay!! I really need to get on with the crochet squares for my scarf, which could be done this evening whilst catching up with the Bones episodes I have saved in prep for the new series starting next week :-)
- Maybe even some scrapbooking for me? Havent scrapped in over a year, but I have soooooo much stash that needs to be used!! & I have even printed photos in preparation for this!!
- Baking a delicious looking chocolate cake!! & maybe a strawberry flan too???
- A walk in the woods, to collect leaves, conkers & other Autumn things, to craft & decorate the house with.
- Maybe a family movie night? We watched the Tooth Fairy last week which was very good, even though the kids played up & were sent to bed half way through leaving the adults to watch the rest. Heres hoping this time goes better?!
- A crafty project involving some gorgeous postcards I've wanted for ages, some frames from the £shop, some paint & ribbon.

Sounds like a good weekend, so I'd better switch off the 'puter & get off the sofa so I can do all the boring housewifey stuff first!! Then we can get on!!! Yay!!

What are you up to?? Have a good one.


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Apple said...

Ooh when is Bones showing? I heard it was on Thursday but the planner is showing Pearl Harbour :S I need my fix!