Saturday, 9 October 2010

Saturday so far.......

NOTE: Please excuse the rubbish photos, there has been hardly any light in my house today, it's normally a nightmare to photograph anything here on a bright day so today has been a struggle. :-(

........has been good.

Only managed 2 of the activities I spoke about in the previous post:

All 3 girls painted, Lilly-Rose loves to paint!! Just like her sisters :-)

& the finished masterpieces!!!

I played too!!!

                                    & the finished result, which I'm really pleased about!!!!!

                                                                  Close Up

 We also managed to watch 2 of the Harry Potter movies, forgot to add that!! So thats our Family Movie, although Daddy isnt home yet.

So now I'm off to put the kids to bed, then I have an evening of crocheting ahead of me!!  :-)


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