Saturday, 27 November 2010

Catch Up Post - Pt 1.

The weather has been rubbish, but I got to wear my new boots!! Yes, I finally got wellies........& pink with polka dot ones!! Just the thing to brighten up the school run  :-)

The miserable weather resulted in many, many cups of tea being drunk. (& 1 or 2 biccies)

A new crochet project was started. So far, I'm loving it!!

Somebody who shall remain nameless, refused to wear her gloves (or hat, or blanket) outside, but was more than happy to wear her sisters ones inside?

This Diva (who now 'poses' for photos!) began Rainbows for the first time & loved it!! She has been waiting for a space in the local group since January.

The same evening, her Big Sister (who for some reason now pulls faces when the camera is pointed in her direction) finally made her Promise at Brownies, something she has been waiting to do since Easter!!

That evening was very busy & stressful, but fun at the same time!!

& this Little Madam turned 2!!

& enjoyed her cake!!

(I'll do a seperate post about her cake later!!)


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