Sunday, 28 November 2010

A Frosty Sunday Morning....

Good Morning!! It's very cold this morning so I'm snuggled up on the sofa, with the girlies. The Hubby is braving the cold doing the 1st part of his motorbike test this morning, rather him than me!! LOL!!

I'm hoping it warms up soon, as Megan & I are off to a local xmas craft show when he gets back. We have been looking forward to it for ages!!

We started on the xmas decorations yesterday. The trees are up & decorated, we just need to work on the rest if it. In fact I've spent the morning crocheting Grandma Twinkle Stars & later I'll be trying the Grandma Trees, these will be strung together to decorate my dresser. Will post some progress photos later.

Ok, well wherever you are, I hope you are well & warm. I'm off to get myself & the girls ready.

Happy Sunday!!


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Micayla said...

Oh my....were to start. I have missed som much.
Happy Birthday Miss L-R, her cake is gorgeous well done it looks fab.
Love the wellybob photo, its too cute.
The photo of Miss L-R with the gloves reminds me of Emily. I have a photo of her in Steve's gloves and hat, a apron her Granna made, and a baby grow. We call her Frankenstein from the film Big Daddy.
Those crochet stars look fab....I saw some at Christmas world, loved them but they cost a bomb so well done you for making them. You should sell some.
Hope hubby's test went okay, Steve wants a motorbike but I told him to go fish!!
Cannot wait to see pic's of the tree and decorations. We are doing ours at the weekend.