Saturday, 4 December 2010

Getting in the Xmassy Mood!!

Or at least trying to!! The past week has seen us snowed in (although not as badly as the rest of the country) & most of the family being hit by a bug, Keely has it the worst, she now has croup & needs an inhaler, which she is not loving.

The house has sort of been decorated, trees are up, calendars are out. But it needs more, more lights on the main tree (although that means taking the decs off the tree to put lights on), more hanging stuff (paper chains, garlands).................hmmmmm, what else? My dresser definately needs to be Christmassyfied (yes, I made that word up!!)

So I guess thats my plans for the weekend, could be worse eh?? :-)

Have started my December Daily album & so far Im just 2 days behind, which I dont think is too bad, especially when you consider that I have a poorly child & last year I only managed 1 entry!! I took photos, but as I was just uploading them, I realised how bad the photos were. The lighting in my house is awful, & me & my camera are not getting on at the mo. So will catch up today, rephotograph my pages & blog asap!!

What are your plans for the weekend? Hope its a good one!!


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Micayla said...

I am hoping Miss keely is feeling better as is the rest of the family. Looks like it has hit us too.
Why not make some glitter snowflakes with the girls. I brought some plain white paper, some silver metallic paint and some silver glitter paint from wilkos(paint only 98p each) They look really sweet above my fireplace threaded on some floss. Cheap and cheerful and should bring a little festive cheer.
Cannot wait to see your DD, mine is coming along and hopefull will share by the weekend.
As for weekend plans, none yet just trying to get Emily better by Friday for her playgroup Christmas party....yay!