Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.......... you!! (Quote taken from Phoebe Buffay)

Still trying to find my xmas spirit, however I have 3 little girls who will probably burst with excitement by tommorrow!

Busy day today, we have to go to the shops to get the final foody bits for our annual xmas day fry up (we dont have turkey on the day as we go to my Mums on Boxing day & have a big turkey then), make more gingerbread!!, try & get all the washing done & keep the house tidy, finish the crafty presents, & occupy 3 hyper, overexcited girlies!! Oh, & catch up on the December Daily!!

& after spending some time on This lovely blog this morning, I have decided to photograph our day. (In fact, I just took a photo!) I really do not take enough photos, probably because I dont get on with my camera (it's a Fuji S5600, thats over 4 years old, & doesnt seem to focus very well anymore & takes sooooooo long to take a picture, that with 3 very fast moving children, I miss a lot of moments.) But, one of my goals for 2011 (not resolutions!) is to learn more about photography, grasp how to use Photoshop & eventually get a SLR camera!!

Anyhoo.......things to do!! Have a fantabulous Xmas Eve Eve!


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