Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a Magical time?

Our Christmas started well, LOL! On Christmas Eve, we went for a drive in the afternoon, grabbed a Gingerbread latte from Costa & headed into the countryside to find somewhere to sled. Everywhere was absolutely covered in a blanket of snow, it was a beautiful sight. We found a hill, & all 3 kids had 1 go on the sled, only 1 go because it was absolutely freeeeeeeeezing!! We came home, had dinner, then watched Prep & Landing, before putting out a snack for Santa/Father Christmas, sprinkling the reindeer food & making sure the Magic Key was on the door as we dont have a chimmney. Unfortunately Lilly-Rose did not join in as she was beginning to feel unwell & therefore spent that time crying because she wanted to be picked up, then crying because we had picked her up, then crying more because we put her down  :-(

Once the kiddies were in bed, Hubby attached some little bells to a long pole & put them up to the outside of the girls bedroom, letting them occasionally ring. He also threw a football onto our roof (it's a sloping roof) so that it would bounce down the roof. This resulted in 2 older girls announcing that the noises must be the Prep & Landing Elves arriving to get our house ready for the Big Guy's arrival (so sweet!!)

I'd spent the previous evening wrapping presents while watching Love Actually, so this meant for once my Christmas Eve was free to relax instead of trying to do the last minute bits!!

Unfortunately the relaxed evening didnt last & it was soon apparent that Lilly-Rose had caught the bug that her sisters had. Very little sleep was had that night.

Finally we gave in at 6am & let the girls go downstairs to see if there was anything for them.

All the stress was worth it to see the joy on their faces while they unwrapped their gifts!

I'd hoped to capture these moments but my camera didnt not wish to play :-(  About 90% of my photos have come out blurry.

The rest of the day went downhill from there. Lilly-Rose was not well at all, & although she loved playing with her toys, she spent a large part of the day crying as she felt unwell & didnt know what she wanted. The older girls arent quite over the bug either, so that coupled with the excitement of the day, resulted in a few meltdowns & arguments. Plus Hubby, who has been working nonstop for the past month or so, started to come down with the same bug which resulted in a few meltdowns from him as well.

Boxing Day traditionally is spent with my family, but due to everyone being sick, we had to cancel. It was the 1st time in my whole life that I havent seen my family at Christmas. Instead my day was spent looking after my poorly family.

So, that was my Christmas. There are the odd moments that Im holding on to & trying to forget the rest. We didnt manage to make our Gingerbread house, so Im wishing that everyone feels better today (including me) so that it can be something nice to finsh our Christmas off.

Bah humbug! LOL!



Van said...

Even if Christmas started off odd, New Years is another time to celebrate and do it right. Hope you have a happy one :D

by Teresa said...

Awww.. hope you're all better by now and I wish you a...

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*