Friday, 21 January 2011

I *Heart* Sewing!!

I really do!!! I've been wanting to sew some hearts for ages now (one of the many things on my never ending to-do list!) So, as I talked about in my previous post, I really wanted to sew something today but was really limited without the use of my iron.

The red heart above, well I had embroidered the front & it was pinned with red felt as the backing, all ready to be sewn. It was originally a kit I got in a cross stitching magazine, but the gingham is a PITA to embroider on. & also frays during the sewing process! I was really shocked how quickly I managed to get it done, especially with a crazy 2 yr old who besides climbing on furniture & actually running on the back of the sofa, who kept climbing on my lap everytime I tried to switch the machine on!! Once it was sewn together & hung on my dresser, well, there was just enough time before picking the girls up to sew one more:

This time, I used some gorgeous Laura Ashley fabric, with a little piece of scrap lace ribbon & twine. I also experimented with the positioning of the hole that is left unsewn to turn it. The first one is down the bottom near the point, the 2nd one is near the top. I prefer the look of the first one, although sewing gingham & felt together is a pain.

My lovely Husband bought me a new iron, so fingers crossed some major sewing will be taking place this weekend!!


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Micayla said...

I would say yay for a new iron but that means ironing.....yuck!
Love the pretty little hearts, I have been meaning to do some for ages. The embroidered one is so very pretty. Cannot wait to see what you are up to next.
As for the photography course, it is just a beginners one. A starting point for future courses maybe. I am really enjoying it, but maybe it is a little too basic for me as I know the answer to most questions. At least I can be teachers pet!!