Sunday, 4 April 2010

BIG Letters!!

I've been loving all the decorated wooden letters Ive been seeing on blogs, but they were all so expensive!! So, as you can imagine, I was pretty chuffed when visiting Hobbycraft (usually very expensive) I found these papier mache letters for under £2 each!! They stand about 8" high.

I bought one for each of my girls. Although I should have got a L & an R for the youngest!!

They sat in the above form in a box under my craft table for a couple of months, whilst I tried to decide what to do with them!!

Then, I decided that enough was enough & I had to decorate the girls room, as navy/royal blue walls werent exactly for little girls. As this room improvement is being done on a minimal budget, I've had to really think creatively on how I can make the room 'theirs'. I've got a picture in my head of what i want it to look like, getting the room to actually look that way though may take some more effort!!

Therefore the letters needed to be decorated.

I started with L

I wrapped it in various pink ribbons & was pretty pleased with how it turned out!!

Then I decided to paint the others:


I really prefer the painted versions, they suit the look of the room more. However quite a few people seem to prefer the ribbon, so I guess Im gonna see how it looks in the finished room & then decided wether to stick to the ribbon or the painted version.


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