Monday, 5 April 2010

Lots of fabric goodness :)

Its been a good day!! :)

The sun was shining, everybody was in a good mood & I bought fabric!! As Hubby had been away this weekend on his belated stag do, I earned some good wife points by not moaning about him going & keeping everything going at home while he was away. So, when I mentioned there was a nearby craft show on today, Hubby was only too keen to take me!!

There was plenty of beautiful things to gaze at & admire, you could really feel how much love & attention had been put into every item.

I was really looking forward to visiting Kirsty's lovely stall. Lots of lush goodies to look at, beautiful button brooches, bunting & amazing cushions. There was also a few baskets of fabrics for sale & I immediately spotted a piece of Japanese Hello Kitty fabric. As you can possibly imagine, with 3 daughters, we are big Hello Kitty fans in this house!! At £4.50 for 1/2 a metre, it was soon snapped up! Isnt it cute?!

I then saw another basket of fabric marked £1.00 each. Looking through it, I discovered the other 2 pieces of fabric in the photo & thought 'I can do something with them' & added them to my purchase. The whole lot came to £6.50, which is an amazing bargain, considering when I got home & properly looked at the fabrics, I discovered the flowery fabric was not only a massive piece of fabric, but was also by Laura Ashley!! Major bargain there!!

I'm kicking myself now that I didnt buy one of her lovely badges, might have to treat myself to one at a later date.

There were plenty more stalls to look at & whilst browsing I discovered more fabric!! Hee hee!!

£2.50 for both bundles!!

Not quite sure what I'm going to do with these? I'm sure I'll think of something!! :)

Finally I picked up a new sewing magazine:

Which came with yet MORE fabric, this time some red polka dotted fabric, along with handles to make a bag. Not 100% sure if Im going to make said bag, maybe I'll see where inspiration takes me!! :)

Currently working on a quilted throw for my sofa. Finished the quilt top & made the quilt sandwich today, so hopefully I'll have some time to quilt it tommorrow. Going to aim to have it finished this week!!

Happy Easter everyone.



PaperFish! said...

you are the very pretty lady with 3 girls and a very proud husband! xx

Micayla said...

Wow....girl you scored big time! I so wish I was there, am gagging for some new fabric to make something with. How lucky did you get with the LA fabric.
I am sorry I have not stopped by for a bit, I can see you have been busy. Those letters for the girls are gorgeous and the dolls house is perfect. Your talent never ends does it?
You will have to let me know what that mag is like, I saw it the other day but hated that it was in a plastic bag....I like a peek before I buy. IYKWIM.
Have a lovely weekend, Steve is on the Stag Do tonight and I have a date with the sewing machine....yay!