Saturday, 10 April 2010


We've lived in this house for nearly a year & a half. Its a rented house, but the Landlord is happy to let us decorate as long as we dont go too mad :-)  So, we have a downstairs toilet, which to be honest, I never use as its very small, with no window & is painted blue. Now normally I do not have an issue with blue, but in this room it is unbelievably claustrophobic. Back in September, my lovely Husband decided to paint said cloakroom white for me, so it wouldnt be so depressing. This is how far he got:

Yep, that far!! Please note the blue. Obviously the room needed help, but well, the budget, time &  basic motivation to finish it hasnt been there. It has become very embarrassing, having people come to our house & want to use the toilet. Apologising for your loo is not good for the soul. So, this week, all of a sudden, motivation came from no where & kicked me firmly on the backside!! Out came the paint, & away I went!!

Before we go any further, I feel I should say that I am really impressed with how lovely it looks, however, the photos I am about to show you, do not seem to convey the loveliness. Maybe this is because I have lived with it for so long, that I truely appreciate the difference? Who knows??

Also, this room is bloody akward to take photos of!!!

There is still work to do, the sink needs reseaking around the edges, & the grout needs whitening (even though I have already done it twice!!) But they are jobs for Hubby, we'll see how long they take to do!! The (now) white shelf at the top of the picture, holds the loo rolls & fuse box, I'm thinking it might need some mini bunting to brighten it up!

The frames were bought years ago from £land, but I've only just unpacked them. I'd painted them just after buying them, going for a shabby chic look, but at the mo, they are looking more shabby than chic so may need a new coat. The pictures inside are postcards from Paperchase, 60p a card, which makes them a very inexpensive way to have art in your home. The candles at the bottom were a Xmas gift 2 years ago, that I've just been waiting for the perfect place to display them. The 2 holes you can see are where the loo roll holder will be going when Hubby finally gets around to purchasing & fitting one!! & before any asks, the candles will be for display only wont be lit!!

The best thing about this room?

My gorgeous Venetian style mirror, which was a gift from my Nan. This is probably one of my fave possessions, & Im so glad the room finally looks worthy of it!

So, the past 2 days have been productive, however one of my recent projects failed miserably this week :-(

I bought the fabric, I washed the fabric, I cut the fabric, I stitched the fabric, I quilted the fabric, I handbinded the fabric, I washed the fabric...........

& the fabric decided the reward my effort by coming apart at many of the seams!! Gutted will not accuratly describe my feelings towards this!! This was due to be my throw for our sofa, now I need to see if I can salvage it. I have some ideas, just not quite sure what one to go for.I have decided though, that Im going to choose a different group of fabrics for what will be my sofa throw & cushions, Im going for something a bit softer. If I salvage this, Im guessing it could be a quilt for L-R's buggy?


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Micayla said...

Well I think it looks lovely Lisa, no more apologising for the loo! The mirror is a stunner my dear, it my my heart giddy up a little when I saw it.
I am so sorry to hear about the quilt, what a bummer. This has yet to happen to me and I am sure it will at some point, I am seriously gutted for you. However it does look great and I hope you can do something with it. I wonder what happened?
Anyway, hope you are okay. I have been so busy to catch up and it seems like it is not going to let up any time soon.