Sunday, 9 January 2011

January's Crochet Project.

One of my Goals (not resolutions) for 2011, is to complete 1 large project a month. For Januarys project, I decided to ease myself in by aiming to finish an ongoing project, that was started at some point last year (I'll have to do some investigating to find the exact start date. I really should take more note of the details, LOL!) Anyway, this was destined to be a Granny Stripe blanket for my bed. I started it with the best intentions....... only to realise about 5 stripes in exactly how big a project it is, & how much wool/yarn it will take. Especially as a 50gram ball makes approx 2 stripes & costs about £2.50/3.00 a ball. So, after some thinking (not tantrum throwing as Im far too grown up for that!! ) I decided to instead make a runner for the bottom of my bed.

I'm about halfway through...........What do you think?  I should have enough wall to finish the number of stripes I'm aiming for, but I'd like to do a scalloped edging (if I can figure out how to do it, I have an idea, I just need the correct number of stitches on the side) so I'll probably need a ball or 2 of the chocolate yarn.

I'm loving it so far!!! & I'm planning on starting a Ripple for Feb's project!!

I also plan to Document 2011, following Shimelle's Document 2010 freebie class. I've loved seeing other peoples versions, especially Laura's. I managed to pick up a couple of American Crafts scrapbooking kits the other week, so have planned to use the pink album for this project. Will post a pic soon.

As for today? Well, it's a lovely sunny Sunday (although a bit chilly), Hubby has had to work :-(  & Keely, who has only just gone back to school after missing most of December due to a nasty bug wiping her out, is poorly again. So, our plan for today consist of :

Having a quick tidy up of the house.
Laundry (it's never ending!)
Doll making with the girlies. (EPIC FAIL!!)
Watching one of the Harry Potter movies (Keely has the deciding vote on which one)
Making blueberry muffins before the blueberries go off
& maybe a lemon cake too?
Crocheting some of this months project
& maybe a star or 2?
Sunday night bath & hair wash for us all!!

Have a good Sunday.


3:02pm Update: House cleaned (although it pretty much got messed up again straight away!), muffins & cake cooking, now about to settle down to make our dolls & watch HP.  :-)

4:25pm Update: Doll making attempt abandoned due to dolls (that are for kids to make) being too difficult for an adult to figure out, let alone teach a child to do & said children become frustrated.  :-(

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Micayla said...

Oh my gosh Lisa that runner is making my heart so happy. I just adore it. The colours are beautiful, I cannot wait to see the finished project.
The the photos of 2010, I love going back and seeing fave ones I took. Maybe I will have to do a post like it.
Finally getting back into the swing of things after the flu and even had the sewing machine out last night....yay! Will share soon.
Happy New Year